Big Ol'Boys are not too old for Toys

One of the boys has failed to grow up and likes nothing more than playing with toys. At the moment we feel it would not help his rehabilitation to "name and shame", so your secret's safe with us Graham. We thought as part of his continuing therapy we would include a section dedicated to battery toys from the fifties and early sixties. These toys are generally either an animated character, a robot or car. These are all now highly collectible, and have prices to reflect this. As we rummage through lofts and garages we will add to the selection.

The Robots

Warning: do not get into robots, like vintage denim and doo wop originals they will seriously damage your bank account.

The Sonic "Train" Robot


Made during the late 1950's, The Sonic "Train" Robot stands 15" tall and is made entirely of tin. Battery operated this respected member of the "Gang of 5"" stands out as the most unusual looking member of the gang. The robot moves with bump n go mechanism and sounds off with a classic "train" sound every few seconds while his eyes/ears and top lens blink.

Robbie the Robot


Manufactured in the 1950's by Nomura. This version of Robby the Robot features remote control walking forward action with lighted and moving pistons. Made of tin, and stands 9" tall.



Standing 14" tall, this all tin lithographed robot was manufactured in Japan by the high quality toy maker Daiya. during the early Sixties. The Astronaut robot walks forward, then stops to raise and fire his lighted gun, he then lowers the gun and continues walking forward.

Robby the Robot


Manufactured in the 1950's and all tin lithographed. Measuring 10" long, battery operated Robby the Robot drives the road construction roller forward and Visible engine actions include moving and lighted pistons. Beautifully lithographed and highly detailed

Lost in Space Robot


This is the original issue of the Lost in Space Robot from Masudaya in Japan. Measuring 16" tall, the battery operated Robot speaks classic LIS Robot phrases. in Japanese and English.

Robbie the Robot


This Robot is the LARGEST Robby the Robot ever to be manufactured. He was released in 1997 and only 500pc were manufactured. He is Very Large, Very Heavy and VERY COOL!!! Battery Operated , Robby speaks in ENGLISH several of his famous sayings from the movie, "Forbidden Planet" and his voice box lights up with a blue light in sync with the voice


The Cragston Astronaut. He is 14" tall, with four actions. Great lithographing. Expect to pay over $1,000 for a MIB example.

Robby the Robot


This is a very rare toy and this same toy sold for nearly $20,000.00 at a New York Auction




Only for Serious Collectors


Gypsy Fortune Teller


Standing 10" high, this rare battery operated toy was manufactured in Japan by Ichida. She tells your fortune by handing you a fortune card after you have placed a coin in the slot in front. She moves her head up and down, her eyes light up and then her right arm goes up and down as she hands you your fortune. Find her with a box, all her fortune cards and working, then we know your future includes a holiday!

Whistling Kooky Spooky Tree


16" high, all tin, batttery operated. Bump and go, eyes move, mouth moves. The toy makes a noise like a wind sound. Leaves on the top of the head move. This is another must have toy, a snip at $1,000

Hootin Hollow Haunted House


1960's Japan Marx CO's Hootin Hollow Haunted House- This particular toy will blow you away with it's unbelievable litho details & incredible actions . The haunted house is mainly tin with again awesome litho details. There is a row of push buttons on the side that control the following actions: Jumping Black Cat, moving window shade, a door that eerily opens to reveal a vampire, a skeleton that pops out of the chimney, a silhouette of a ghost flying past a lighted window, shaking roof, whistling wind & a spooky growling howl. Whew, is that enough !


Popeye tin plate battery operated toy. This toy has a light up pipe and his arm moves to his mouth. This is a very rare collectable toy expect to pay $4,000 at least should you ever see one!


Snake Charmer (and Casey the Trained Cobra) Another Linemar toy, He plays his pipe and the snake moves. A snip at $500


Nutty Nibs by Linemar. This toy flips balls from the tray into his mouth. For such a simple toy he will set you nback over $1,000



Sammy Wong - The tea totaller. He is by T-N Co. He will pour and drink the tea for $300



Drinking Buddies




Drinking Toys were very popular. This next group of toys are the essential drinking toys. So lets start this group with the Bar Tender from ROSKO. He will mix your drink while smoke comes out of his ears.


Charley Weaver 1962 T-N Co 12" tall six actions. Charlie will pour and drink. Really super toy, every collection should have one. Usually you can find a reasonable condition toy for about $100.

DrinkingCaptain.jpg captain.jpg

Drinking Captain. 1960's S&E Co. 12"tall, six actions. He drinks, his eyes roll open and shut, his belly heaves back n forth and then lights up his expels smoke through his belly!! Two versions of this toy, distinguished by the tee shirt.

GoodTimeCharlie.jpg gtcharly.jpg

Good Time Charlie another drinking toy that can still be found.


Blushing Willie, whose hair stands on end, and his face glows


The Playboy, he drinks and then spins round


Sit down for a smoke with McGregor, and his friend Pat O'Neil


This Go Go girl drink shaker is younger than the rest of the crew. She will shake your glass with, or without her top on.


This is the Hoop Zing Girl, what ever happened to Hoopla?


After a drink, some relaxation. How about the Crap Shooter. Made by Cragston he will roll the dice while chewing on his cigar.


Perhaps the Monkey could help with the dice


Perhaps a shave is in order. Shaving Sam shaves then wipes his face. He is probably the rarest of our drinking buddies.


Let's Make Some Noise


Rock'n'Roll Monkey


12" tall. Clothed, plush monkey with Tin Guitar. Four functions, he moves the mike lights up and he gets the girls to swoon.

Calypso Joe

29608ec0.gif calypsoj1.jpg

1950's Japan Linemar CO's Calypso Joe This is a very rare battery toy & a wonderful piece of black Americana. Much harder to find than the more popular nutty nibs. Stands 11" tall . Has 4 actions via remote including walking & playing his tunes on that bongo.

Indian Joe


Indian Joe beats on the drum, and is responsible for Ringo Starr's drumming style!!!


Fred Flinstone on Drums


Daisy the Jolly Drumming Duck is looking for a new band



As you'd expect from us there toy cars too.

These cars are now generally highly collectable. The remote control models are the most expensive. Prices range from $200 upwards, if you can find them! We've included some Dinky and Matchbox to keep Packard Bob quiet.

skylinerbox.jpg skylinerred.jpg skylinerredtop1.jpg
skylinerredtop2.jpg skylinerredtopdown.jpg Ford Skyliner with fully working convertible roof, sold recently for $300.


50 Buick


Mr Magoo in vintage car from 1961, where's Waldo



Mid Fifties Caddy - Front


Side view




Police Car


55 Buick


55 Buivk






Mid Fifties Caddy


50's Ford



55 Packard


Early Fifties Buick



Mid Fifties Cadillac


55 Caddy




54 Skylark


Dinky 57 Packard


Matchbox 54 Packard


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